There wasn’t a lot I felt like saying yesterday. I guess I chose denial as a way to spend the day. I avoided all media coverage and turned on the TV only to watch taped episodes of my favorite programs. I spent the part of the morning and the afternoon at the dog run with Ty. I met a couple of friends for dinner. All in all, a normal day, and yet not. I am just really glad it’s past us and I would like not to hear about it for as long as possible. There’s a lot more I can say, but I won’t.

The Guernsey sleeve is half done and then there’s just the finishing. I should be at the gym today but I am doing some freelance work, waiting to hear back from a client, and I should just knit some more so that I can maybe finish this thing over the weekend or early next week. It’s the following weekend I will present the gift. I’m almost sorry to be letting it go, but I want to see it on my grandniece so much. I think it will be adorable.

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