The Guernsey is finally finished and given to the recipient!! It came out SO CUTE and my niece loved it. My grand-niece, however, hates being dressed and wailed when someone tried to fit it on her. So we don’t know yet how it fits, but we’ll know soon enough. I didn’t get a final photo of the dress yet, but they aren’t going home for 3 more weeks and I will take a photo of it before they leave. I am an idiot who didn’t bring my camera.

It was a fun visit even though my grand-niece is the epitome of the terrible twos. She’s terribly cute though. She was TERRIFIED of Ty and screamed any time he came near, so it was an interesting visit too. Poor dog, he got dragged through a public transportation nightmare all weekend (3 trains, 2 buses, and over 2 hours on Sat, all the time stuffed into a Sherpa), but he was so good about it. He really is a good dog.

Now that my dress is done, I can concentrate on the Surf sweater, plus my Rowan #32 finally came, so I can figure out what winter projects I want to do! The Surf will take a long time but sometimes in the cold weather I’d rather work with wool. I also have an idea of hats I want to make for myself and Ty. Yes, you heard me.

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