Well, I received most of my yarn for the new sweater, but the place I ordered from was out of 4 colors (total 6 skeins) that I needed. Total bummer, though it’s not like I needed to start this one today. I just ordered the missing colors from somewhere else, since they didn’t say that it would be on backorder, it was just like “sorry, we’re out of this” and they didn’t charge me for it.

And I just LOVE the new Rowan Kid Classic that this sweater uses. It’s so light and soft and fluffy and the colors are gorgeously rich. I can’t wait to use this stuff. This sweater has far more Lurex Shimmer than I realized though. It will be sparkly. Though I guess since it’s used doubled with the wool it won’t be overly shiny, just a subtle shimmer. I hope.

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