Whoops, forgot to post yesterday. SnB was fun Tuesday night despite the absence of some of the regulars I look forward to seeing. But I got some more Surf done, and did a few rows last night as well. Looks like today might be the wrap of 2 freelance projects, and tomorrow I’ll work a half day at the newspaper, and then I’m done working for awhile. Except for Mondays. But that should free up a lot of knitting time.

Today my goal is to clean up a closet, possibly do laundry, GET TO THE GYM, and all the while entertaining my bored dog. It’s too dreary to keep him out today. I am also going to meet friends for dinner, and I must start a book for next week’s book club. It seems even when I have no “work”, there’s always way too much for me to do in a day. I need a time management assistant or something.

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