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The Guernsey is finally

Posted by jackie blue on September 23rd, 2002

The Guernsey is finally finished and given to the recipient!! It came out SO CUTE and my niece loved it. My grand-niece, however, hates being dressed and wailed when someone tried to fit it on her. So we don’t know yet how it fits, but we’ll know soon enough. I didn’t get a final photo of the dress yet, but they aren’t going home for 3 more weeks and I will take a photo of it before they leave. I am an idiot who didn’t bring my camera.

It was a fun visit even though my grand-niece is the epitome of the terrible twos. She’s terribly cute though. She was TERRIFIED of Ty and screamed any time he came near, so it was an interesting visit too. Poor dog, he got dragged through a public transportation nightmare all weekend (3 trains, 2 buses, and over 2 hours on Sat, all the time stuffed into a Sherpa), but he was so good about it. He really is a good dog.

Now that my dress is done, I can concentrate on the Surf sweater, plus my Rowan #32 finally came, so I can figure out what winter projects I want to do! The Surf will take a long time but sometimes in the cold weather I’d rather work with wool. I also have an idea of hats I want to make for myself and Ty. Yes, you heard me.

Well, I didn’t get

Posted by jackie blue on September 20th, 2002

Well, I didn’t get that freelance gig that I was hoping to get, and I don’t really understand why. Suddenly, my “skills are not a good match”, even though my background is exactly what they want (I worked for a direct competitor) and they told me as such, and they really liked my work. All I can think is, did my personality suck at the interview? Did one of my references bad mouth me? I hadn’t even given a price for the job, so it can’t be that, right? I think this is bullshit. I really wanted this – did I mention their office is 2 blocks away? And they talked as if they really wanted me. Now I need more work as my current project is coming to a close and if the perfect job won’t hire me, who will?

I haven’t finished sewing the Guernsey dress together and I need it for tomorrow night. I guess I know what I’m doing today and tomorrow, and I’m really just not in the mood.

I’ve been pretty busy

Posted by jackie blue on September 17th, 2002

I’ve been pretty busy with freelance work lately, so not much to post here. Cross your fingers that I land the next gig I hope to get, it would mean a few more weeks of not worrying about work. That, plus a lot of hanging out at the dog run, is how I’ve been spending my days.

I really really hope to make it to SnB tonight, but that all depends on how late I work. Today my Monday gig went to Tuesday because of the holiday yesterday. I would like to get out of here at a sane hour. Right now, there’s not even anything to do.

I expect to have the second Guernsey sleeve done by today and then it’s just the finishing. Think I can get that done by the weekend? I sure hope so.

There wasn’t a lot

Posted by jackie blue on September 12th, 2002

There wasn’t a lot I felt like saying yesterday. I guess I chose denial as a way to spend the day. I avoided all media coverage and turned on the TV only to watch taped episodes of my favorite programs. I spent the part of the morning and the afternoon at the dog run with Ty. I met a couple of friends for dinner. All in all, a normal day, and yet not. I am just really glad it’s past us and I would like not to hear about it for as long as possible. There’s a lot more I can say, but I won’t.

The Guernsey sleeve is half done and then there’s just the finishing. I should be at the gym today but I am doing some freelance work, waiting to hear back from a client, and I should just knit some more so that I can maybe finish this thing over the weekend or early next week. It’s the following weekend I will present the gift. I’m almost sorry to be letting it go, but I want to see it on my grandniece so much. I think it will be adorable.