The Catarpillar sweater is going so ridiculously fast that if I keep at it, I can have the whole thing done in a couple of weeks. But I don’t want it to go that fast, really. It is a pain sometimes, when working with 6 strands at a time even in baggies the skeins get all tangled together. I might have to go back to my original plan of rolling the colors together ahead of time. It’s just hard to estimate how much of each pairing I’ll need in advance. But anyway, I think it’s coming out nice, though it’s more sparkly than I had really anticipated. And that Lurex Shimmer is a bitch to work with – I have one pile of it that is so knotted that an hour of untangling last night didn’t put a dent in it. What a pain. From now on I’m rolling that off the core in advance too.

Today I have to read a lot or I’m never making it to book club later. And the gym. How much do I keep mentioning the gym? I must go back because I’m paying a fortune for nothing, and on my freelancers salary, that isn’t good. Not to mention having to get in shape for all these dates I’m planning to go on. Have to knock them all dead, right?

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