I’m hoping to make it to SnB tonight. I got stuck working today, and tomorrow, and I’ve spent no time with the poor doggie. We went to the dog run briefly this morning and he got attacked by an overzealous female dog that wanted to play and turned on him when he wouldn’t comply. There was a pile-on with several others and my poor little guy was at the bottom, yelping, while she was all over biting him. He wasn’t hurt, thank god, but shaken up. Her owner grabbed her fairly quickly and took her out of the run, but now I think my poor needs some TLC tonight. If I can get out of work early enough and spend an hour or so with him, I’ll go to SnB for awhile. It shouldn’t be too late a night since Marney won’t be going and she and I are always the last ones out.

I might be ordering some of that alpaca I picked up over the weekend for my mother, who wants to knit a throw. They have a nice rust color that should be good for her place.

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