Well, I did make it to SnB last night, and boy, was it mobbed. I barely had room to squeeze in the circle and we actually had to spread out to the other couch area. It was nice to see a lot of new faces although I really didn’t get to talk to many people. I also didn’t stay late this time. I went home and hung out with the pooch.

I finally settled on a pattern for the Alpaca scarf I’m starting, though I’m still not fully convinced you can really see the pattern with all the fuzziness. This stuff sure does shed, too. Anyway, it’s a variation on the Guernsey pattern I did for that dress, with double cabled edges and a chevron lace pattern in the center. The lace part looks good, but the cables are pretty hard to make out. Oh well, I’m going to continue with it anyway.

I’m leaving my newspaper gig in 10 minutes and I’m going to go hang with the dog some more. I’ve got a case of the guilts going on.

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