Yesterday was a hellish day, no time to blog. I attribute it to the fulll moon we had last night. The whole day at my Monday gig, the servers kept going down and we had these weird power surges. I had a lot of down time from working, but with the server down, couldn’t get on the internet either. So I just knit my alpaca scarf, which is coming along nicely.

I also knit in Central Park this weekend – Sunday was a gorgeous day and I took Ty and after a nice walk, we sat in the grass and listened to the guy with the guitar, who I think is really good. Ty made friends with a woman sitting nearby (and anyone else with food) so we had a nice few hours sitting under a tree.

Today I should be doing some additional work on a past freelance project, and then tonight is SnB which I’m really looking forward to. I wonder what the turnout will like this week.

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