So last night, I come home from SnB to find that dog of mine had gotten into my knitting bag (the one left home of course) and taken 4 skeins of gorgeous alpaca and strewn them all over my apartment. Anyone want a dog? I now have some huge tangles to deal with today. I did 2 of them last night but one of the ones left is really stubborn and I’m not sure of the 4th one yet. Grrrr. I know he probably just wanted to knit me a scarf but using his paws instead of needles was not exactly the right way.

SnB was fun though, nice turnout, so many new faces (but where are all the old familiar favorites? Meema? Debbie? BETSY? OK, I know where Betsy’s been but she’s missed anyway.)

I forgot to mention yesterday, as a fairly new dog owner I’ve gotten quite interested in a reality dog show on Animal Planet called Dog Days. It takes place in a dog run very near my house, and Monday night’s episode featured a guy who saved all the hair he pulled out when grooming his medium-haired collie mix all the time. He had a whole pail of hair, and went around to all the NYC knitting shops to find a place that would spin it for him and knit a hat. He went to our favorite Gotta Knit! (sarcasm alert) and they gave a snooty “We prefer to knit with cashmere here” reply. He ended up at Wallis Meyers needlework and she spun and knit him a lovely hat without thinking he was insane. It was quite amusing an episode. Especially since I wonder if the next time Ty is shorn, I should save the hair…

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