So, I’m kind of annoyed at this Caterpillar sweater pattern. The pattern calls for a certain number of skeins of Lurex Shimmer, to work into the other yarns for sparkle. They had me buy one skein of Midnight, and 2 skeins of Black. But, clearly there is a lot more Midnight being used. The black only appears in maybe 2 stripe sequences, but the Midnight is in at least 3 not to mention all the edging. So, not even halfway into the front, I’m getting dangerously low on Midnight (and have to unroll the length of it that was already rolled with this burgundy color) and I still have enough black to make 4 more of these sweaters. Grrrrr. I think I will have to buy more Midnight and this stuff don’t come cheap, nor do I know if any of my LYS has it.

I must move my butt today to buy supplies for my Halloween costume. We are building them tomorrow. I am not prepared. Therefore, I bid you all adieu.

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