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A lovely crisp day

Posted by jackie blue on October 17th, 2002

A lovely crisp day in NYC, and I’m feeling guilty for being at my computer. Had the dog out for a couple of hours, and soon I will go to the gym dammit, but I will probably knit a bit of the front of my sweater first. I cast on yesterday and got about 5 rows in. Looks like if I keep it up, I will certainly have this sparkly sweater for the holiday season. Now I just have to get invited to some parties in cold climates. Why would anyone wear a wool turtleneck to a party anyway?

Ty’s blood tests came

Posted by jackie blue on October 16th, 2002

Ty’s blood tests came back normal, and this morning he really seems back to himself. Yay!! I’m so relieved.

I finished the back of the Caterpillar sweater last night and today is rainy and dreary so I might end up starting the front. That is, if I don’t get hit by the cleaning bug. (as if).

I wish I had more to say! The work situation is slow to non-existant, social life has taken a bit of a downslide this week, and the weather is crappy. None of it really inducive to conversation. Oh, but I agreed to be in the Halloween Parade with a group costume again – I did this 2 years ago with the same friend and it was fun. Now I just have to brainstorm on how to make my costume, which I’m going to keep a secret here for a little while.

Ty just came from

Posted by jackie blue on October 15th, 2002

Ty just came from the vet, because he’s been acting weird. Sluggish on walks, dragging behind, refusing to walk at times. Not his usual playful self at home either, though he plays a bit. Cross your fingers his bloodwork comes back OK. I hope it’s just something minor, the vet seemed to think he might be sore from the attacks last week. I have some pills to give him if the bloods are good.

I had to take

Posted by jackie blue on October 15th, 2002

I had to take back the Guernsey dress, because the neck was a bit tight to pull over Chani’s head and she would wail (she hates being dressed), so I’m going to put a couple of buttons at the neck/shoulder. I also may lengthen it a bit by making the bottom edging thicker. So here’s a pic of the finished dress – a crappy pic as the color doesn’t do it justice.

Also, the alpaca scarf I’m making as my “easy project”:

I hope to make a lot of headway on either the scarf or the Caterpillar sweater tonight at SnB. I think I need to update my projects page too.