Well, I have been crazed the past few days and unable to post. The newspaper I work for decided to go whole hog on computer pagination for this week’s issue after 50+ years of doing most of it by hand. I have been paginating some pages for a year now but the ads were still pasted in by hand, and now they decided it all will be done at once, with no clear cut procedure for saving/filing ads, and only 2 people who really know the computer, and a 112 page issue that all had to be done in 2 days. I can’t even tell you the nightmare it was. I left in tears on Monday night at 10:00 because I had to get home to the dog. As it turns out, my mother and 3 other people got stuck there until *6:40 A.M.*, and I feel it was largely my fault. They had a problem with one particular page not printing and they didn’t know why. They finally gave up, went home and changed clothes, and went right back to work. It took me less than an hour yesterday to figure out which ad was the culprit, and another hour to fix it and get the page working. If I had stayed Monday night, they probably all would have gotten some sleep.

Anyway, yesterday I anticipated another late one so I brought Ty into work, because I didn’t have anyone to take care of him yesterday. He was good all day, leashed to a desk near me unfortunately since one of the owners was really afraid of him and kind of annoyed. Thankfully the big boss didn’t seem to mind at all. Anyway, I really wanted to go to SnB last night, so I bolted at 6:15. Everyone else stayed till 8. Again I feel like a selfish bitch for putting my life first. But SnB was a good time, and I made some headway on the Caterpillar. And so much for Ty spending the whole day with me to avoid accidents, in the few hours I was at SnB, he managed to pee all over my rug anyway. It just hasn’t been a good couple of days here. Today I have a small freelance thing to finish. Guess I should get moving on that.

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