Well, it’s been a really stressful couple of weeks at my part time job, so I didn’t have time to post in the last couple of days. Not to go into it but no job that pays McDonald’s wages {
On a family note, I just found out that my niece, who has been living in South Africa for 5 years, just got mugged…*3 WEEKS* before she is moving to NYC. Isn’t that something? All this time and she never had a problem but now they’ve taken her diamond engagement ring (no tiny rock either) and her wedding band, and her wallet. I feel so bad for her. She told her husband, a native South African, that she will never live there again. And on a better note, she is pregnant again. So in addition to giving her the Guernsey dress, it looks like more baby knitting in my future! Now I have to call my brother soon and say congrats on his third grandchild. We are getting so old!

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