It’s been too long since I’ve been to SnB, and I’m determined to return tonight, even if I have to leave my place of work early and have someone else finish up the layouts. I basically stole the work from her anyway (ha) so it’s no big deal if I bolt, I guess. I am up to the sleeves on the Caterpillar, and want to finish that sweater before the holidays. I have at least 3 parties coming up and want to wear that at least once, but it’s not looking too good. And poor Mom, it was 15 degrees this morning and I haven’t finished her scarf. Not that she doesn’t have others, but still. Anyway, it’ll be good to get out tonight, I’ve been too much of a homebody lately and I hate that. First my mom’s home the week of Thanksgiving, and then a good part of the weekend in mine, though I got in some wandering/shopping with my friend Lianne on Sunday, and that was good, it’s been a long time since I’ve just hung out with some of my friends outside of the usual gang.

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