So, I had an appt. in midtown this morning, and although it was on the east side, there was a bus down the block that got me almost exactly where I’d need to be for the Smiley’s hotel sale, so how could I not go? I got there about 11:45 and was told that it started at 12, but I could walk to the room anyway. So I get there and a few people are already there shopping, so I went in. What a pleasure being one of the first there and no crowds! But I walked around in a daze so much that by the time I was putting things in my basket, it started to fill up. I ran into Meema, one of our SnB members, and she held a microphone to my face as I chatted with her about spending too much money. She was interviewing shoppers for a radio show. Anyway, I honestly didn’t love anything (what a snob I am, it was mostly cheap stuff) but I still kept throwing things in my basket till I had spent $130! This is insane for an under-employed person. But, it’s done. I was a little dismayed to find that 2 of the things I bought, advertised as wool and alpaca, ended up having 40% acrylic in it when I read the label at home. I’m not a lover of acrylics, but it’s still not too shabby for cheap stuff (Lion Brand Alpaka), and I bought it in 2 colors, so I’ll deal. It might just become dog sweaters, who knows, though I think it will make cute hat and scarf sets, or even a casual sweater. I’d better stay away from that place the next few days.

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