Once again I find myself debating on SnB. My cold of the last 5 days has rendered me nearly speechless today. Well, I couldn’t get a word out this morning, but I can talk now, to a point. I’m getting a lot of “Who IS this?” when I answer the phone. I just won’t be good for a lot of conversation tonight. My friend Lianne is going to hear some band later and I’m thinking about doing that as listening to music doesn’t require much in the way of talking. But then again, I really should take it easy tonight as I have 3 meetings tomorrow, all of them work related and one of them for a freelance gig I really need. My supervisor at the newspaper has been yelling at me for 2 days to drink a cup of very hot tea mixed with whiskey, and my symptoms will be gone. Hmmm. Too bad the only scotch I like is single malt and the only brands I like, upwards of $95 a bottle. I wonder if it’s an order from my boss, if I can expense it. Hahaha.

I am falling pathetically behind on my plans to have the Caterpillar sweater ready for holiday parties. The parties start later this week. Oops.

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