Well, I think I have enough of my voice back to handle my freelance interview and another meeting later today, though I still have that raspy Demi Moore thing going on. I did the wise thing and stayed home last night and didn’t even go hear that band. There’s definitely something evil going around, Betsy and I both sounded like ICU respiratory patients on the phone yesterday. I blame my illness on the fact that I haven’t been eating handfuls of clementine oranges every single day like I do most winters. I didn’t want to spend the ridiculous early season prices on them but I’m gonna give in – those little parcels of vitamin C usually save me from any germs that go around. And they’re just so good, too!

I’m intent on making it back to SnB next week. Certainly if there’s a transit strike in NYC I will be there, as I won’t be able to go to work and there won’t be a late work day to stop me.

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