Cold still lingering, but I can talk again. I still sound a little hoarse, but it’s better than opening my mouth and having nothing but a squeak come out. That was amusing.

Well, I admit I’ve been seriously lazy on the knitting front. I’ve done a few lines here and there each day but nothing significant to speak of.

Today I have to venture out to midtown again to pick up my portfolio from a company that decided not to interview me after all. I hate that, why couldn’t they just make up their minds based on my web portfolio? It’s mostly the same stuff, but now I have to schlep back to pick it up and I’m so tired. I need to do laundry too but have no energy or motivation to do much. At least I did get that freelance gig yesterday, which I’ll start next week. It’s production work, not design, but pays well and can be done from home. I should be busy for awhile – plus I have a package of stuff to design for another client. It’s always feast or famine – especially during the holidays when I also have a slew of parties and gatherings.

Tonight a friend of mine is appearing at a reading event called 101-Damnations at Galapagos. I’m going, it should be very entertaining.
If anyone lives near Williamsburg or feels like venturing over for a good time, come on by.

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