I finally, after a week, have a full voice again, and although I’m still a bit stuffy, can honestly say I’m no longer sick. I’m filling up on those clementines now, too.

The weekend was a good one, filled with parties. Ellen’s on Friday, Rachel’s on Saturday, Brett’s on Sunday. I think I over did it on the cheese, eggnog, and chocolate. The parties aren’t over yet either, this week is another batch of them if I decide to go to them all. In fact, tonight is SnB, and I’m up in the air again. There’s a holiday party with a chance of meeting a lot of new people, and Ayelet and I may go. That is, if she gets enough stuff done before heading to L.A. If not, I may go anyway. I guess I’ll decide what I’m doing by early evening. Stuck at work till then anyway, which is slow at the moment, so I might knit some. I have a sleeping pup at my feet. I’m so glad I work in such a relaxed atmosphere, that is, when it isn’t an insane asylum. Tomorrow I head to my freelance assignment to learn their production tool for their website and after that, I get to work on stuff from home, which is great!

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