The most bizarre thing just happened. My doorbell rang, and it was my super, handing me this wooden crate lined with a lovely dishtowl and filled to the brim with tasty treats from E.A.T.. The weird part is that it was from my building’s management company! I’m living here over 9 years and we never got squat. Now, how am I going to eat over $100 in treats without ballooning up like a zepplin? Bad enough that I had mac and cheese for dinner and I had ice cream waiting in the freezer. OY.

Trying to do some work on the alpaca scarf tonight. I have little patience for the endless strands of the Caterpillar lately, though I really only have one sleeve and the neck left. I was reminded today that the next 2 Tues. are Xmas and New Year’s Eves, so there goes SnB till 2003. Silly me. If it wasn’t so cold out last night and I didn’t get home from work an hour later than I thought I would, I might have made more of an effort to go.

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