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Cold still lingering, but

Posted by jackie blue on December 12th, 2002

Cold still lingering, but I can talk again. I still sound a little hoarse, but it’s better than opening my mouth and having nothing but a squeak come out. That was amusing.

Well, I admit I’ve been seriously lazy on the knitting front. I’ve done a few lines here and there each day but nothing significant to speak of.

Today I have to venture out to midtown again to pick up my portfolio from a company that decided not to interview me after all. I hate that, why couldn’t they just make up their minds based on my web portfolio? It’s mostly the same stuff, but now I have to schlep back to pick it up and I’m so tired. I need to do laundry too but have no energy or motivation to do much. At least I did get that freelance gig yesterday, which I’ll start next week. It’s production work, not design, but pays well and can be done from home. I should be busy for awhile – plus I have a package of stuff to design for another client. It’s always feast or famine – especially during the holidays when I also have a slew of parties and gatherings.

Tonight a friend of mine is appearing at a reading event called 101-Damnations at Galapagos. I’m going, it should be very entertaining.
If anyone lives near Williamsburg or feels like venturing over for a good time, come on by.

Well, I think I

Posted by jackie blue on December 11th, 2002

Well, I think I have enough of my voice back to handle my freelance interview and another meeting later today, though I still have that raspy Demi Moore thing going on. I did the wise thing and stayed home last night and didn’t even go hear that band. There’s definitely something evil going around, Betsy and I both sounded like ICU respiratory patients on the phone yesterday. I blame my illness on the fact that I haven’t been eating handfuls of clementine oranges every single day like I do most winters. I didn’t want to spend the ridiculous early season prices on them but I’m gonna give in – those little parcels of vitamin C usually save me from any germs that go around. And they’re just so good, too!

I’m intent on making it back to SnB next week. Certainly if there’s a transit strike in NYC I will be there, as I won’t be able to go to work and there won’t be a late work day to stop me.

Once again I find

Posted by jackie blue on December 10th, 2002

Once again I find myself debating on SnB. My cold of the last 5 days has rendered me nearly speechless today. Well, I couldn’t get a word out this morning, but I can talk now, to a point. I’m getting a lot of “Who IS this?” when I answer the phone. I just won’t be good for a lot of conversation tonight. My friend Lianne is going to hear some band later and I’m thinking about doing that as listening to music doesn’t require much in the way of talking. But then again, I really should take it easy tonight as I have 3 meetings tomorrow, all of them work related and one of them for a freelance gig I really need. My supervisor at the newspaper has been yelling at me for 2 days to drink a cup of very hot tea mixed with whiskey, and my symptoms will be gone. Hmmm. Too bad the only scotch I like is single malt and the only brands I like, upwards of $95 a bottle. I wonder if it’s an order from my boss, if I can expense it. Hahaha.

I am falling pathetically behind on my plans to have the Caterpillar sweater ready for holiday parties. The parties start later this week. Oops.

Well, it sure is

Posted by jackie blue on December 5th, 2002

Well, it sure is snowing here in NYC. It was fun taking the dog out this morning, he just LOVES snow (as I found out at my cousin’s on Thanksgiving) and this morning, he was just about galloping down the blocks. It would have been even more fun if I wasn’t SICK, as I realized last night. I thought my allergies were bothering me all day yesterday, but no, it’s a full fledged cold. I have plans tonight with Ayelet so I hope I’m not feeling too crappy. Mostly it’s stuffiness and a dry scratchy throat, but nothing that really needs to keep me in bed, right? Who knows. I should also go out this afternoon and see about getting a new portfolio (I’m a graphic designer for those who don’t know) because all of sudden this week, I have a bunch of interviews and I don’t like my book much. One was yesterday, one might be tomorrow if I’m feeling better, and another coming down the line in a week or two. I don’t know what’s in the air that I’m suddenly getting answers to my resumes. But that’s good, eh?