I feel like I have so little to say about knitting at this point that I will bore all the other knitters who come to this site. I skipped SnB again last night – after 5 hours sleep the night before, working all day and then coming home and taking the dog out for an hour in the FREEZING cold last night, the last thing I felt like doing was leaving the house again to rush over there. I will go next week if it kills me.

The start of this year is so far filled with things to better my career. Today I am sitting and learning the OSX system that I have finally upgraded to. I ran screaming from it a year ago but it’s time. So I am sitting in front of my computer setting up stuff and learning a few things and waiting for my friend Marianne to come over for some shopping and coffee out somewhere.

I am also taking a class in advanced Flash this spring semester – I start at the end of this month. I need to know a lot more than just doing cutesy animations so I will be learning all the ActionScripting that makes some sites really cool. Hopefully this will really help my chances of getting more work, even though I swore I would get out of web design. Oh well. I plan on redesigning my site and this blog again. That should keep me pretty busy in between my part time job and whatever freelance work I will be doing too.

That’s basically the update for today. I will try to be more current and hey, might even throw in some knitting talk sometime soon.

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