I am finally finishing up my mother’s scarf. I have been really lazy about knitting lately, when there were so many other things I was involved in, like my conputer upgrade. I had to upgrade the system 4 times in the last week to get up to the current, latest system. Couple that with font issues, peripheral issues, and the learning curve – and my computer has taken up a good deal of my time lately. I also brought my Caterpillar sweater to work, during slow periods (like most of the morning) I hope to get that back into action too.

Whether I make it to SnB tonight after a long absence is anybody’s guess. I wish it were a different night because Tuesdays have gotten so hard. I work till at least 6 and then have to get home from Brooklyn, walk the dog since I only have a walker for Mondays, and then make it over there in time. Today the only person that covers for me if stuff comes in really late isn’t here – so I really have to stay until the entire newspaper is finished. Which can definitely be 6:30 or 7. And of course it’s like minus 10 degrees again, or at least feels like it with the wind chill. So I will wait for a ride to the station, probably.

I wish I had more to report.

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