I’m told I’m missed at SnB, and I really appreciate that. I miss you too, folks. It’s just been a crazy few weeks and all sorts of stuff is going on. I hope to rectify that soon.

Finally finished the alpaca scarf, and though I still want to make one for myself, I have doubts it will be this season. Though it certainly seems cold enough to last for some months to come. But I have my Caterpillar to finish, and then I will probably go back to my cotton cable Surf sweater, so there’s a chance I may have it for the spring/summer. Of course, it’s too warm for NYC summers, but I dream of walking on the beach in Montauk in early morning when it’s cool and the waves are crashing around me. I’m working on that scenario, believe me.

I just need to budget more knitting time in the midst of computer time and social time. Soon I start my class and I assume I will have homework too. And I’m still networking every day to find more work. There just isn’t enough time for me.

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