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I’m told I’m missed

Posted by jackie blue on January 16th, 2003

I’m told I’m missed at SnB, and I really appreciate that. I miss you too, folks. It’s just been a crazy few weeks and all sorts of stuff is going on. I hope to rectify that soon.

Finally finished the alpaca scarf, and though I still want to make one for myself, I have doubts it will be this season. Though it certainly seems cold enough to last for some months to come. But I have my Caterpillar to finish, and then I will probably go back to my cotton cable Surf sweater, so there’s a chance I may have it for the spring/summer. Of course, it’s too warm for NYC summers, but I dream of walking on the beach in Montauk in early morning when it’s cool and the waves are crashing around me. I’m working on that scenario, believe me.

I just need to budget more knitting time in the midst of computer time and social time. Soon I start my class and I assume I will have homework too. And I’m still networking every day to find more work. There just isn’t enough time for me.

I am finally finishing

Posted by jackie blue on January 14th, 2003

I am finally finishing up my mother’s scarf. I have been really lazy about knitting lately, when there were so many other things I was involved in, like my conputer upgrade. I had to upgrade the system 4 times in the last week to get up to the current, latest system. Couple that with font issues, peripheral issues, and the learning curve – and my computer has taken up a good deal of my time lately. I also brought my Caterpillar sweater to work, during slow periods (like most of the morning) I hope to get that back into action too.

Whether I make it to SnB tonight after a long absence is anybody’s guess. I wish it were a different night because Tuesdays have gotten so hard. I work till at least 6 and then have to get home from Brooklyn, walk the dog since I only have a walker for Mondays, and then make it over there in time. Today the only person that covers for me if stuff comes in really late isn’t here – so I really have to stay until the entire newspaper is finished. Which can definitely be 6:30 or 7. And of course it’s like minus 10 degrees again, or at least feels like it with the wind chill. So I will wait for a ride to the station, probably.

I wish I had more to report.

I feel like I

Posted by jackie blue on January 8th, 2003

I feel like I have so little to say about knitting at this point that I will bore all the other knitters who come to this site. I skipped SnB again last night – after 5 hours sleep the night before, working all day and then coming home and taking the dog out for an hour in the FREEZING cold last night, the last thing I felt like doing was leaving the house again to rush over there. I will go next week if it kills me.

The start of this year is so far filled with things to better my career. Today I am sitting and learning the OSX system that I have finally upgraded to. I ran screaming from it a year ago but it’s time. So I am sitting in front of my computer setting up stuff and learning a few things and waiting for my friend Marianne to come over for some shopping and coffee out somewhere.

I am also taking a class in advanced Flash this spring semester – I start at the end of this month. I need to know a lot more than just doing cutesy animations so I will be learning all the ActionScripting that makes some sites really cool. Hopefully this will really help my chances of getting more work, even though I swore I would get out of web design. Oh well. I plan on redesigning my site and this blog again. That should keep me pretty busy in between my part time job and whatever freelance work I will be doing too.

That’s basically the update for today. I will try to be more current and hey, might even throw in some knitting talk sometime soon.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Posted by jackie blue on January 2nd, 2003

Happy New Year, everyone. My postings have been scarce since my knitting has been scarce too. So much went on during the holiday season, gatherings and what have you, that even with a lot of time to relax it seemed I was always busy. And probably just too restless for sitting and knitting. I find that “sitting” thing difficult when it isn’t in front of a computer. Go figure.

I hope everyone had a fun new year’s eve. I stopped in briefly at my friend Ayelet’s as she had a small party but couldn’t stay long since I was meeting other friends at a bar and seeing a band I really like called Rogue’s March. The place was PACKED and so much fun despite being about 100 degrees. It’s rare that heat and crowds don’t upset me but that night, with loud Irish rock and many tributes to the late Joe Strummer, and Guiness flowing all night, I didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Now it’s back to the grind, dealing with freelance clients, looking for new work, looking to hire a dog walker and calling a zillion people, and hopefully getting back to the gym later today after a couple of weeks of knee pain.
Hey, maybe I’ll even get some knitting done. Wouldn’t that be nice?