I had a low-key weekend, home most of the time with the dog, who went through a bit of trauma on Friday. What should have been a routine trimming turned into a complete shaving because his fur was too matted underneath to comb through. He looks like a *completely* different dog now. But I think what really traumatized him was being left there and caged. He must have thought I wasn’t coming back. He’s been really subdued and very clingy since then, and I stayed home to give him some extra TLC. So, I got a good deal done on the second sleeve of the Caterpillar, and will move on to the next and sewing it together pretty soon, work depending.

On a very sad note though, my friend Mary Jo’s father died suddenly this weekend. I feel extremely sad for her and terribly upset that I can’t go down to Maryland for the funeral, which falls on my busiest day of the week. With all my freelance work piled on and the fact that the newspaper is my only steady pay, I just can’t get away. I know she knows my thoughts are with her but I still feel really bad an unsupportive.

Lunches were very good last week (sorry you didn’t make 11 Madison after all, Deb, and I wish I could have gone with you) but now I’m putting myself on a healthy food routine, and going back to the gym as much as I can, in between work. I think I’m changing gyms, to the new Y that opened right near me. It’s much closer than my other gym, cheaper, and has a pool and a sauna, which we don’t have in the other place. Hopefully the very close proximity (right around the corner) means that I will go much more often – even on a very busy day I can manage to squeeze in a half an hour or an hour, right? We shall see.

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