I brought my knitting to work yesterday but it turned out busier than I thought it would be and I didn’t get more than 2 lines done. I also missed SnB again because freelance is piling up. I’m thrilled to pieces to have all this work to do but it’s also daunting. Right now I have 3 projects all at once with a 4th waiting in the wings. I also have homework for my class tomorrow night. And one of the sites I didn’t even start yet, which I really want to do a great job on, has an initial design deadline next week. In between that I have a meeting, my class, 2 full days of work at the newspaper, and 2 other projects. I’m afraid I won’t be able to join friends to go down to MD this weekend and see Mary Jo. I was hoping to go for at least the day on Sunday but it would take my whole day and evening and I have a Monday deadline for one of the phases of one of the projects. I feel terrible but I will do everything I can to support my friend in another way.

One of these days this blog will return to knitting. I appreciate the nice emails I’ve gotten from people about this site, and I’m sorry that blathering on about work and other stuff has taken over. I never expected 2003 to have started out the way it did, but I am hoping to soon find a balance and learn to budget my time better. It’s hard when you had nothing but free time for over a year
and a half to suddenly find yourself with so much responsibility.

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