Although today is President’s Day, I, unlike most of America, was supposed to work today. I woke up my phone ringing at 7:15 – the office is closed! Whoa! We never close. I have no idea how much snow actually fell so far, but drifts are easily 2 feet high. Now I know those of you in Northern climates are thinking “Big deal, we have that every day”, but in NYC, everything shuts down. This is our worst blizzard since 1996. Back then, even NYC transit stopped running, but the office didn’t close. They set up carpooling for everyone to make it in. But today, the guy who opens the office couldn’t get his car out. I guess also that they figured with the holiday and our printer being closed, why bother. Tomorrow will be hell if we go in though.

With most of my freelance work awaiting client feedback, I have a free day to knit now. I am almost done with the Caterpillar sweater, just sewing it together and the neck are left. Since that is my least favorite part, I’m procrastinating, and already started an easy mindless project. I’m knitting a dog sweater out of a black alapaca blend. My little shorn doggie needs those sweaters now.

I also have 2 upcoming babies to knit for. My newest grandniece or nephew arrives in April. I’d love to do a layette but don’t know if I’ll have the time. I am also loath to buy more yarn when I have tons at home, but I don’t have any layette appropriate yarn. I also have a friend who is becoming a father in Sept. At least that one I have more time for.

This is the third time I am posting this, by the way. I don’t know why Blogger is eating my posts, but it’s very frustrating to keep updating. Maybe this is the day to move over to Movable Type.

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