I am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever make it back to SnB. Due to yesterday’s impromptu snow day off from work, an entire 128 page newspaper has to go out today. And one of the paginators quit 2 weeks ago, and the other is out today, and 2 paste up people are absent out of 3, so we are screwed today. I expect a very late night. I only have a few minutes of calm while they figure out the page situation, so thus I am here.

We are still digging out of the big blizzard. My poor mother, 76 years old, took 3 1/2 hours to get to work this morning. It’s usually a half hour train ride. She had to take 3 buses and a train. If you’ve never heard a sweet elderly lady curse like a truck driver, it was this morning. Poor Mom. On the other hand, I made it to work in a breeze, with a dog in tow. Aside from some mountain climbing near our office (nothing is plowed here, sidewalk wise), it was uneventful.

Well, back to work. No knitting today.

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