Well, yesterday was incredibly busy so I didn’t get a chance to post but I wore the Caterpillar to work yesterday! I can thank Mother Nature for The Winter That Will Not End, and it was cold enough to still wear a wool turtleneck. I have to say, after all that work, that I *love* how it turned out. I shortened the pattern to just the right length (it was supposed to be pretty long but I think over-the-butt sweaters have been out since the 80s and rightfully so) and the stripes all match perfectly and it fits great. The one glitch – I had been knitting a small but somehow when I got the sleeves, I lost track of which size I was following and knit the sleeves in extra small. It could have been a disaster but it wasn’t. They are probably a tiny bit more fitted than they should be in relation to the body, and they are a tad short which isn’t a problem since I always push my sleeves up anyway, and it all worked out fine. I promise I will take photos tonight.

I went back to the Surf cable sweater over the weekend, and I have it here at work so during the slow times today I will work on it a bit. I am contemplating Stitch and Bitch tonight. It’s been so long since I’ve been there and I miss it. But I do have a big Flash assignment to do for next week and not much time to devote to it, so I will see how I feel later.

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