Brrr. It’s freezing once again in NYC. I’ll bet it’s going to be another non-Spring year and go straight from 24 degrees to 80. And it’s too bad for me that it’s still so cold, as my most favorite scarf ever, the Green Fuzzy, was lost yesterday. Actually, I didn’t really “lose” it, someone stole it. I had dropped it in the reception area at a client’s, and when I realized I left it there went back to get it and it was gone. Nowhere to be found. I really truly got upset, as I wore it everyday and was very fond of it. And that was just the cap to a lousy afternoon with a client from hell who is making me jump through hoops to get the little bit of money owed to me. Oh, the woman who hired me is very sweet. But the *corporation* is insane. They are treating me as a new hire even though I’m just a consultant who works from home and barely put in 24 hours of work since December. They made me fill out a slew of paperwork, watch an orientation video which had *nothing* to do with what I’m doing for them, I had to submit proof of college degree, and get this, in 2 weeks I have to go for a physical. All to work in my pajamas in my living room. I’m telling you, this world we live in is CRAZY.

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