Well last night was fun, gathering with friends to watch a more interesting than usual Oscars and I won half the pool, as well. Not a bad way to spend the evening, not at all. I took pride in getting most of the surprise winners right, though I have to say, I never expected Roman Polanski to win. It was certainly a night of some controversy, though not all that shocking. Didn’t we know that Michael Moore would have something very blatant to say? Maybe we didn’t expect as many boos though.

Knitting, that’s what this blog is about, right? I seem to manage to do one line of the Surf sweater in each direction of my short work commute. Hmm. 2 lines a day, I just might have the sweater done by the time I’m 93. I need to set aside an hour or so of each day to just devote to knitting. It’s a challenge learning how to budget my time.

Other than that, not much to say. I’ve entered into a regimen of watching what I eat and exercising as often as possible. It’s amazing that I didn’t devour any of the chocolate at my friend’s last night, and I am very diligently avoiding the next room in my office right now, where a plethora of baked treats and candy are sitting on a counter calling my name. I am determined to get into Spring shape.

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