Today is one of the most beautiful weather days ever in NYC. Sunny, breezy, in the 50s, just glorious. And yet, I am stuck in my windowless office all day. And it’s painfully slow today, so I’m working on the Surf sweater. I really have to get my act together and knit something for my new grandniece or nephew, due next month. But I might just wait till he/she is born to style something appropriately. Not that I’m into baby pink or blue, I’m not the type. And although I’ll get a good deal done today on this, I’d really like to go to SnB tonight to do some more. It’s been SO long! But, I have homework for Thurs. I haven’t done yet, and tomorrow will be spent getting my car inspected, getting my taxes done at the accountant, on a date in the evening. So, I might just have to forego again. We’ll see. I wonder if anyone there remembers who I am.

Well, back to knitting. I really wish I could just sit outside in the park and knit all day.

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