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I’m bagging SnB once

Posted by jackie blue on March 11th, 2003

I’m bagging SnB once more, since it’s just so hard to first get in from work and run right over. It would be easier if I could go straight there (can’t, dog) or if I had an hour or two to relax before going, but it’s the run in/run out that I’m having trouble with. Next Tuesday I am only working till three. I WILL GO NEXT WEEK.

Meanwhile, here’s the Caterpillar. I’ll take a picture of me in it on a better hair day.

Caterpillar sweater

Well, yesterday was incredibly

Posted by jackie blue on March 11th, 2003

Well, yesterday was incredibly busy so I didn’t get a chance to post but I wore the Caterpillar to work yesterday! I can thank Mother Nature for The Winter That Will Not End, and it was cold enough to still wear a wool turtleneck. I have to say, after all that work, that I *love* how it turned out. I shortened the pattern to just the right length (it was supposed to be pretty long but I think over-the-butt sweaters have been out since the 80s and rightfully so) and the stripes all match perfectly and it fits great. The one glitch – I had been knitting a small but somehow when I got the sleeves, I lost track of which size I was following and knit the sleeves in extra small. It could have been a disaster but it wasn’t. They are probably a tiny bit more fitted than they should be in relation to the body, and they are a tad short which isn’t a problem since I always push my sleeves up anyway, and it all worked out fine. I promise I will take photos tonight.

I went back to the Surf cable sweater over the weekend, and I have it here at work so during the slow times today I will work on it a bit. I am contemplating Stitch and Bitch tonight. It’s been so long since I’ve been there and I miss it. But I do have a big Flash assignment to do for next week and not much time to devote to it, so I will see how I feel later.

I just received my

Posted by jackie blue on March 7th, 2003

I just received my new Rowan #33! There are some really sexy, GREAT designs in there. God, like I don’t have enough projects in progress or in line?

I keep working on

Posted by jackie blue on March 7th, 2003

I keep working on and frogging parts of the dog sweater. I’m not that thrilled with the way the number pattern is coming out. I made myself a chart but I think I’ve been losing track of stitches since I have such a hard time staying focused lately. I may rip out the last 8 rows again and start one more time. It’s definitely going to be a next winter sweater anyway, because even though it feels like winter will never end around here, I doubt I’ll finish it in the next few days. And it’s supposed to go up to 50 degrees tomorrow (hard to believe, with this morning’s 16) but if it starts to stay at least in the 40s, he won’t need a sweater anymore.

Which leads to the fact that I am finally SO SICK OF WINTER. Yesterday’s snow was the final straw for me, I think. I’m sick of bundling up in a million layers, I’m sick of the slush, and I’m sick of having to dress the dog three times a day and go out in the freezing cold late at night when I just want to curl up in bed. I’m also sick of being so lethargic and being home so much. I went to the gym yesterday and I’ll go back today and I’m really pushing now to get active again. We went to the park last weekend and it felt so good to be out and walking long distance again, and I hope now it’s something we’ll keep up regularly again. At least I will go to the gym often, and now that I go to one with a pool, I want to start swimming regularly.

A friend just asked me to go in on a summer beach house share. It’s so damn hard to even think about summer right now.