Well, it’s been a few days since I updated here. Taxes went beautifully, thank god! I owe, but very little. Meanwhile, I am keeping busy. Behind on my homework for class, getting client work done, knitting when I could. Yesterday was slow at work till late afternoon so I got some Surf sweater done. Tonight, despite needing to work on homework badly, I am going over to my friend Debbie’s to help her with a knitting project. I’m glad about that since it’s been months since I’ve made it to SnB and Wed. nights are just so much better for me so at least I can get in a little knitting time tonight with a few gals. I miss it.

On my way soon to get about 4 inches chopped off my hair. It’s amazing how fast this stuff grows, especially when I
haven’t had it cut since – oh, late last summer. Yow! I’ve done some home trims to the front but the back is past my shoulders already. For those of you who have never seen me, it’s usually been about chin length for the last couple of years. Of course I just did the color (I do that myself rather than spend an arm and a leg for the same job) and I blew it out and now it’s so soft and looks so nice I’m wondering “Am I doing the right thing cutting it off?” Ain’t that always the way?

Well, better get moving on my day. This place is a mess too. Arggh. I need more hours in a day.

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