Dear Mother Nature,

I have had enough winter, thank you. Please alert the authorities, it’s now Spring. If I wanted to live in Siberia, I would. Thanks for understanding.

Yours, Jackie

I have done absolutely nothing in terms of knitting since last week. Friday I had a low key day/night at home but a headache kept me from doing anything that required any concentration. It was a rare day of laying like a lump. Saturday I embarked on an entire day of Spring Cleaning (oh excuse me, I mean Winter Cleaning. How dare I think it might be spring time?) and my apartment is now delightfully neat and clean. We’ll see how long that lasts. I have also decided to retile my bathroom floor, so next chance I get to go to Home Depot, I will be picking out tiles. I would love to do my kitchen as well but that get’s far too complicated what with the large appliances. I don’t think I can even get my refrigerator through my kitchen doors, so I think I’m stuck with what’s there.

Saturday night I went to Loser’s Lounge with friends, which for the last 8+ years has been one of my “reasons for living” as my friends and I like to say. I know several people in the show as well so that makes it even more fun. No matter what the show is, it’s always a great time. This time was The Mamas and the Papas, and the show absolutely rocked. So much we are going back next weekend. My date, who had never been, just loved it.

The rest of the week should be busy with freelance assignments (I am crossing my fingers that another one comes through in addition to what I am already working on) so hopefully I’ll have a little time for knitting too, but lately, who knows.

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