I’ve spent much of this week being sick as can be, so I have not been knitting or doing much else. I worked all day Monday with a really bad cold and low grade fever, so I spent as much time as I could in bed yesterday, getting little bits of work done when I felt up for it. My schoolwork (end of semester assignment due next week) is very sadly not getting done yet. Today I’m getting some client work done but still have to lie down inbetween small tasks.

I’ve been trying to think of what to make for my new grand niece, Miriam, but the big problem is that I have SO MUCH yarn at home that I am loathe to buy any more, but yet none is really appropriate for things I want to make for a newborn. I have some lovely superwash merino in a really nice light green, but it’s a boucle type yarn that doesn’t take to any stitch patterns other than stockinette. I might just have to buy something new. And then find the time to make something. My own year-long sweater project isn’t getting done either. You’d think all this sick time would result in a lot of knitting, but I could barely hold my stuffed up head up.

Well, it’s back to HTML for me.

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