Just when I’m trying to think of what to knit for my new grand niece, Miriam, I find out that a *4th* grand niece or nephew is due in October. Yes, my nephew and his wife are expecting their second child. My family is a baby factory! I had to reassure a friend who said last night that he was afraid to look at me that I will not be contributing to the fertility party anytime soon. Meanwhile, I know what I want to make for Miriam, but I must get some new yarn. I don’t think I will make it to any yarn stores till next week. I have a web site to build for a client and school work to finish for my last class next week.

Meanwhile, I am almost better but still kind of stuffy and coughing up a lung. That is the worst part. I purposely didn’t make plans for tonight but I don’t want this bug to ruin the rest of my weekend. I wonder if it’s wise to go to the gym today. I’m feeling withdrawal.

And one last thought of the day. I realize that NYC hasn’t been so springlike and that it must be hard to raise two toddlers in a one bedroom apartment – not much room for play. But WHY do people think it’s OK to use the hallway as a playground, especially when they know that certain people (me) work from home most of the time?
I have been very patient with these people and not complained once in the 3 years they have had these kids, but I getting to the end of my rope. The hallway is NOT a basketball court and I am not going to be very nice much longer.

Have a good day, people!

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