No knitting to report today. But I have Generation 80s Retro blasting on my iTunes, I’m cranking away at HTML, I had a bird on my shoulder earlier (my seldom talked about Kelly) and a dog at my feet, and despite being stuck inside on a gorgeous day, I couldn’t help but think…life is pretty good sometimes. Even with problems around…strained relationships, lack of work and money, a general unsettledness, I think things are going pretty OK. When old windows close, new ones open. I have some good new people in my life, some good old friends, old friends coming back, a pretty good stream of work now even though I could use more, and I think I look pretty good lately since my eating lifestyle has changed. And that feels pretty good.

One Response to “No knitting to report”

Hi jacqueline!

I was just doing some “webmaster” link popularity searches and voila, I came across your wonderful comments about my radio station! It’s little “gems” like this entry that make a costly hobby which is a labor of love to the music and those who appreciate it all worth it.

I don’t know if you are aware, but on my NEW Generation 80s website, if you click the iTunes icon, you can hook up to my stream directly again…no nonsense!

Have a stellar 2004

~Java Jane