I’m up to 8 squares. I think I will top out at 24. 48 just seems way too daunting and kind of big for a baby blanket. Just hoping 24 isn’t too small, either. My brother wants to see Chani’s pic on this site but I don’t want the rest of the family to see the blanket progress before it’s done. Even if the fact that I’m making something isn’t a surprise, I’d like the finished product to be.

I’m procrastinating today in a big way. Waiting for a client to call to see what she has in store for me today. Truthfully, I really shouldn’t work today – I have an apartment that really needs straightening before my date comes over tonight – I need to color my hair (bad roots, bad!) and I also really want to go work out. Meanwhile, here I sit, typing away, waiting for the phone to ring.

Tomorrow night I’m being dragged to the Matrix Reloaded flick (do I even need to link to that? Who doesn’t know about it?) – I had only seen the original last weekend when we had a home DVD night to get me acquainted with the movie. Honestly, I could do without. But the movie is a big deal for my date and his friend and the girls (me and his friend’s wife) will surely have a good time even if we think the first movie was really dumb.

OK, client called, she’s on her way over with stuff. Ack. Better clean up. Have a good friday, folks.

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