Finally, a perfectly gorgeous Spring day in NYC. Unfortunately, it’s a Monday. I am stuck in a windowless office till dark. Same goes for tomorrow when another beautiful day is forecast. What’s in store for the rest of the week? Lower temps, chance of rain. I swear, someone is playing a cruel joke on me. Plus I have to work on Mem. Day. Let it pour!

Still no sign of the backordered Zara yarn from Knitting Hands.I still have enough to work with, but not enough to finish my blanket. It had better come in by next week or this is never getting done! I am on the 9th or 10th square out of 24. I’m trying to knit in slow periods at work, and tomorrow night I have plans to meet
a long-lost friend who now knits, so we can get some done together.

The Matrix has been postponed till Wed. night, so the weekend was spent eating a lot of good food and with good company. Friday night we saw Down with Love which was very pretty to look at, but really kind of silly. It was well worth it for the eye candy though, great costumes and set design. Sat. night was a double date with married friends of mine, and we had a great dinner at General Store. Unfortunately all this eating and not enough exercise is taking it’s toll, and this week it’s back on the health kick if it kills me.

OK, back to work.

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