OK, where is my back-ordered Zara yarn already? It was supposed to be a week, it’s a month now. I’m getting concerned I won’t have the yarn to finish this blanket. Anyway, I didn’t have any knitting time over the cold, rain soaked Memorial Day weekend, although it certainly would have been perfect to sit on a porch somewhere, covered in blankets, knitting. Oh well. Instead I had a fairly social weekend, playing mah jongg, visiting my brother and family (and finally meeting Miriam, the new baby) and hanging with my current guy. We watched a lot of TV, ate a lot of good food, and did some shopping in the rain. Yesterday it was back to work for me despite the holiday. Ah, the joys of working for a newspaper.

Today I’m knitting at work. It’s nice to get paid to knit.

Oh, and by the way. The Matrix Reloaded last night?


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