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Finally, a perfectly gorgeous

Posted by jackie blue on May 19th, 2003

Finally, a perfectly gorgeous Spring day in NYC. Unfortunately, it’s a Monday. I am stuck in a windowless office till dark. Same goes for tomorrow when another beautiful day is forecast. What’s in store for the rest of the week? Lower temps, chance of rain. I swear, someone is playing a cruel joke on me. Plus I have to work on Mem. Day. Let it pour!

Still no sign of the backordered Zara yarn from Knitting Hands.I still have enough to work with, but not enough to finish my blanket. It had better come in by next week or this is never getting done! I am on the 9th or 10th square out of 24. I’m trying to knit in slow periods at work, and tomorrow night I have plans to meet
a long-lost friend who now knits, so we can get some done together.

The Matrix has been postponed till Wed. night, so the weekend was spent eating a lot of good food and with good company. Friday night we saw Down with Love which was very pretty to look at, but really kind of silly. It was well worth it for the eye candy though, great costumes and set design. Sat. night was a double date with married friends of mine, and we had a great dinner at General Store. Unfortunately all this eating and not enough exercise is taking it’s toll, and this week it’s back on the health kick if it kills me.

OK, back to work.

I’m up to 8 squares

Posted by jackie blue on May 16th, 2003

I’m up to 8 squares. I think I will top out at 24. 48 just seems way too daunting and kind of big for a baby blanket. Just hoping 24 isn’t too small, either. My brother wants to see Chani’s pic on this site but I don’t want the rest of the family to see the blanket progress before it’s done. Even if the fact that I’m making something isn’t a surprise, I’d like the finished product to be.

I’m procrastinating today in a big way. Waiting for a client to call to see what she has in store for me today. Truthfully, I really shouldn’t work today – I have an apartment that really needs straightening before my date comes over tonight – I need to color my hair (bad roots, bad!) and I also really want to go work out. Meanwhile, here I sit, typing away, waiting for the phone to ring.

Tomorrow night I’m being dragged to the Matrix Reloaded flick (do I even need to link to that? Who doesn’t know about it?) – I had only seen the original last weekend when we had a home DVD night to get me acquainted with the movie. Honestly, I could do without. But the movie is a big deal for my date and his friend and the girls (me and his friend’s wife) will surely have a good time even if we think the first movie was really dumb.

OK, client called, she’s on her way over with stuff. Ack. Better clean up. Have a good friday, folks.

Progress on the blanket

Posted by jackie blue on May 14th, 2003

Progress on the blanket is coming all, but I’m way too busy with freelance work today to do any more of it till tonight.

But, remember the Guernsey dress I made for my grandniece, Chani? Well finally, a photo of her in the dress. It isn’t the best or clearest photo, she’s really a cutie. I understand they have to hide the dress from her or she’ll wear it everyday. I love that!!

On another note, look for a change to this blog in the next week or two. When I have time to work on it, that is.

Well, it’s been a

Posted by jackie blue on May 12th, 2003

Well, it’s been a mildly eventful weekend for me. After some really good times (a music performance on Thurs, watching The Matrix on DVD with friends Friday night, hanging out and being lazy on Sat) – I had a couple of little adventures. Saturday, while walking my dog, I was mere inches from a manhole that spewed fire and smoke and made a very loud noise, threatening to explode. I swooped up my dog and ran, but I swear I was shaking for a good hour after that. If it had exploded just then, I would not be typing this.

Then this morning, walking to work, I found myself in the middle of a swarm of screeching cop cars, turning corners like wildfire, driving down alleyways, coming from all directions. I swear I almost looked for the movie cameras. I found out a few hours later that there was a shootout a mere short block from where I was walking. Oh Joy. How many other times this week can I defy death or serious injury?

In knitting news, I’ve done 6 of the 24 or possibly 48 squares I need for this blanket. At this rate, my grandniece will be walking and talking by the time it’s finished. I need to buckle down and get cracking on this. Good thing is, with school over, I can devote evenings this week to some knitting.

But now I look forward to a pretty late night at work today. With our DSL down all morning and half the afternoon, most of our ads and copy didn’t come in yet. Sigh.