Well, still no sign of my yarn. I’m going to call the store today because I’m getting a little panicky. If they aren’t going to get it in, I must find another place with stock in that color, or that’s the end of my blanket. It would have to be a washcloth instead.

Finally we have some lovely days but once again it’s on my work days. Goodness, I only work in an office 2 days a week. Must it rain the other five? I did make the most of the rainy weekend though. On Saturday my mother and I went shopping since it was the last day of NY’s clothing tax exemption. OK, how pissed off am I about that? I can (sort of) understand the tax hike. Although NY State has some of the highest sales tax in the country, it hadn’t gone up in at least 25 years. So if they must raise it a little, fine. A fraction of a percent won’t kill me. But why eliminate a clothing exemption that we JUST GOT? I mean, we only had the exemption under $110 anyway. Half of what I bought this weekend didn’t even qualify. But it’s such a downer to have that swiped away from us. NJ has been tax free on all priced clothing for years, which sends many NYers over the border to shop. But, I really can’t justify the schlep, which would be more of a hassle than anything else. Well, at least I have some decent pants that fit now. It’s a pain when your wardrobe is half falling off.

Then Sat. night Joe and I went out dancing with another couple of friends of mine. Now THAT was some fun night. But I don’t think I should expound too much on that one. This is a public site, after all. Sunday we lazed around on the rainy afternoon, then went for brunch and to see Winged Migration which is an absolutely GORGEOUS movie. It’s a cool site too, which just happens to have been designed by the firm that my Flash teacher owns. Sunday night we watched the second Harry Potter movie and ordered in sushi (and got some knitting done too!). All in all, there is nothing to complain about with that weekend, other than I don’t know if I will ever get to the beach this year. Maybe to watch it rain.

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