I am a supporter of evil

Frustrated by the lack of my order appearing at Knitting Hands, (they had said a week, it’s now a month and a half and no order in sight) – I decided to check other options. I know it’s not their fault if the stuff is on backorder but at this rate, my gift will never get done. They even told me an employee was waiting for Zara in another color for 4 months! So after checking various online sources and being afraid that any order I put in might be out of stock as well, I decided to just wander in to my LYS, Gotta Knit. Now although it is a very short 3 blocks from me, I really don’t like that place. The women there are nasty and not very helpful and nothing has prices on it. I walked in in my gym clothes and looking rather like an unwashed derelict, and fully expected a turned up nose. But, the woman nodded hello, and I made a beeline to the section that looked like it might have what I needed and lo and behold, they had the Zara, and they had the color. Well, they had 5 balls of it in the bin. I had ordered 12. So I wondered for a moment if it was wise to just buy the 5 and scrounge up the rest somewhere else, but when I asked if she had more, she pulled out an unopened bag of 10. Hooray!! So I bought the 12 and she commented how pretty the color was and asked what I was making. She was very nice to me (I was spending $100, she’d better be) and now I think maybe the place isn’t SO bad. Oh well. I have to call Knitting Hands and cancel my order now.

In other news, I am ready to build an ark, and I can’t wear any of my pretty summer things. I know it’s cliche already but this weather is making me severely depressed. It’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings (who wants to walk a dog in the cold rain every single day?) and all the outdoorsy things I want to do have to wait, so I am becoming a major couch potato. I HATE it. Today it’s 60 degrees, on June 5. Is this Seattle or something?

One Response to “I am a supporter of evil”

Your experience with Knitting Hands wasn’t as bad as mine. I ordered the yarn in May and they finally called me in October to say that it was in.

Do you like Gotta Knit? I find them cold and snooty. Also, did Wallis Meyers close down? I went to their address but couldn’t find it. Also the phone number is indefinitely out of service.