I probably shouldn’t be taking the time to post but I need a short break. This morning and much of the afternoon at work, our network was dead. This means no access to our articles and photos and ads, so the paper didn’t really get underway till after 3. I’m looking at a late night here, and waiting impatiently for dinner to arrive.

Not much knitting to report. I’m on Square 14 or so out of 36. That’s pathetic, but I’ve just been busy and/or distracted. I really intend to do as much as possible this week, now that I have all of my yarn.

The weekend was good despite torrential rain again. Thursday night Joe and I had dinner at my fave Indian place, Banjara, and then headed to hear some friends read from their diaries at Collective:Unconscious. Friday night, he and I and his visiting sister saw The Beat Goes On: Year Zero, Punk at The Bottom Line. This show should have been much better, and reminded me why I stopped going to that series some years ago. But there were a few standouts, and it wasn’t a bad evening, just a late one. Saturday day my friend Brett and I went to see a very cool exhibit at the New York Public Library, called New York Eats Out. It was all menus from restaurants that inhabited NY over the years from the 1800s till the 1960s. Very interesting. Then Saturday night, since Joe’s mother and stepfather were visiting along with his sister, we all went to dinner in Little Italy, at an old school Italian restaurant called Taormina. A trip up to Dylan’s Candy Bar rounded out the night, and Sunday I wallowed in bad weather misery till Joe came over mid afternoon for some DVD shopping, dog run hanging, sushi ordering, and Beatles Anthology watching. Whew! I think I had a busy weekend.

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