OK, so I promised changes to this blog and they are underway. I don’t know how I get so busy when half the time, I’m not even working. Or knitting. I sat down to watch a movie last night and picked up my knitting but barely did more than 10 rows of a small square. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. Which is why this blanket is taking so long.

I’ll try and knit a bit today but I really have to clean up this place, put away laundry from yesterday, return a couple of things to Old Navy that I should not have bought (I already have similar items in the same colors!) and go to the gym.
My evening will start early tonight, it’s the Loser’s Lounge tribute to XTC tonight. Looking very forward to that.

And the word about town is that it will rain again tomorrow (RAIN!) so who knows what we’ll do, but Sunday will be sort of nice. Of course I have no plans for Sunday, except maybe hang at my mother’s. Eeesh.

Well, it’s time to take the dog out and get wet once again.

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