Pretty good weekend just passed. On Friday night it was Loser’s Lounge, then Saturday day we spent some time at the dog run, headed to Central Park, and then got caught in a total MONSOON of rain in the middle of the park. There wasn’t a dry spot left on us, in fact, 2 days later, some items in my purse are still wet. But, it was fun, other than the fact that it was hard to walk in drenched leather sandals, and my poor dog was scared, wet, and very cold. He seems to have recovered though.

Then on Sunday I met up with my friend Shirley and we headed into Brooklyn to go to Knitting Hands, only to discover they were closed when we got there. Since they are usually open Sundays it was really upsetting, there was no alert on their website that they’d be closed on that date. I’m losing all enthusiasm for that place between my order that never showed up and unexplained closings. So we headed deeper into Brooklyn to Sew Brooklyn, which is really a sewing store but supposedly carries yarn, only to battle a street fair in progress and discover they had like a half dozen kinds of wool at the most, and ONLY wool. Ummm, hello? It’s June. Something cotton would be nice.

At that point I gave up on yarn shopping (I wasn’t buying anyhow) and we headed back to Manhattan, where I met with Ayelet for a jaunt in the park. I did get a square done in the midst of all the travelling and waiting. Maybe I’ll actually get this blanket done by Fall.

One Response to “Pretty good weekend”

Just saw this..the same thing happened to me! Knitting Hands- closed, after I trudged out there. Sew Brooklyn’s yarn section down to a couple of sad skeins. I was pissed.