OK, I’m officially getting sick of knitting these squares. It’s just so repetitive. I wish at least that they were varied squares, but they are all identical. I almost don’t need to look at the pattern anymore. Now I know why I like to have several projects in the works at once. I am definitely ADD Girl and I get bored so easily. But, I really want to get this done and alternating it with other projects will only drag this out too long. Not that they need a blanket now, it’s 90 degrees out there (FINALLY!!!), but I feel like a gift should be given when the baby is born, not when they are 6 months old. I should just keep it as a first birthday present. Ha. Or fifth birthday, at this rate.

I’m looking at a low key week, evening wise (it’s feast or famine, sometimes I’m out every night and sometimes I just want to stay in and relax) so my goal is to be done with 24 squares by next week. I have a feeling I won’t live up to that goal. I’ll probably have freelance work again, and the gym beckons after weeks off, and who knows what evening invites might crop up in the next day or two.

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